1. Request an INVOICE

    Call 267-257-8136 / or email [email protected] Include your billing/contact information for the invoice and what services you are requesting.

    We will email you an invoice via PayPal for your records. (You are not obligated to pay via PayPal). Call us to confirm

  2. Send PAYMENT via


    Go to Click SEND MONEY. Enter the amount and the PayPal email address: [email protected]


    Credit card payments can also be made over the phone.


    Send a check or money order to Black Gospel Promo, Inc. 45 E. Cityline Avenue, #303 - Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

    Please note we do not begin promos without payment and we will NOT begin promos until the check has CLEARED.

  3. Send CONTENT

    Email content to [email protected] Include in the subject line: BGP Order - (Your name & Telephone number) Include the dates you want your e-blast distributed. (E-Blast Promo DESIGNED BY CLIENT & Distributed by BGP) See Specs for specific details on submitting your promo for distribution.

    Approve Proof

    BGP will send you a proof within 2- 5 days. Thoroughly check your proof. We are not responsible for any errors that you discover AFTER approving your proof.

All pre-designs must be professionally designed and approved by BGP. Black Gospel Promo has built its reputation upon the quality of its designs. We reserve the right to refuse any pre- design of poor quality that would compromise the integrity of our services. We can promote your company WEBSITE as long as the homepage does NOT have any flash. You are only allowed to promote your company (not the design firm or any other agency) unless the information is being used as part of the contact information. For instance, you cannot promote another promotional company in your email but it is okay to include your publicist's contact information in your promo.


Image Size: Maximum size of 600 X 800
File Size: Maximum size of 100k, we will compress as needed
Resolution: All files submitted must be 72 dpi
Color Mode: All files must be in RGB color mode
Link: Submit a single website URL along with the promo, for linking.

Email the FILE or the URL to: [email protected]

Please Note: We do NOT add to your pre-design. Make sure all your text and links are on it before you send it to us. We don't touch your design at all!

Proof Read: Make sure that all TEXT is in MS-word or email format and properly formatted with spell-check. Double check your text. We do not make changes to your content. PLEASE NOTE: Proofread your TEXT before submitting to Black Gospel Promo. There is a $25.00 Fee to switch out the design.

Email MP3 Music Files (30-45 seconds) 1-2 songs files. Include all contact information (Booking/management/radio servicing/publicity). Include links to web site or social media pages.

We will send you a TEST EMAIL/Link to PROOF/APPROVE. Failure to respond to the test email will delay the delivery. You can suggest a subject line. However, we have complete control over the subject line due to anti-spam rules. Again, you can suggest a subject line but we are not obligated to use it.


We do not support the flash plug-in, we cannot send any emails containing embedded flash media.

The appearance of your email is not guaranteed in web mail applications, most web mail providers remove code before displaying the message, to view the html messages at their highest quality, use of an email application such as Outlook or Thunderbird is required.

Sound does not play in every email platform. Black Gospel Promo is not responsible if your email provider prevents sound from playing.

In consideration of those opening email at work, we do not allow sound to start automatically. Instead, we provide a link to all music.

Black Gospel Promo sends out 5-10 e-blasts a day. If you believe that you are having trouble receiving our emails, please let us know BEFORE we send your promo out.

If you have any people that you would like us to send your email to please have them subscribe and confirm their subscription to Black Gospel Promo. Please let us know BEFORE we send your promo out if they are having trouble receiving our emails.

SPAM is a fact of life. Different email platforms filter out different messages based on various criteria. While we take every possible measure to reduce the likelihood of your message winding up in someone's spam folder, Black Gospel Promo cannot control what your email provider filters. What is spam on AOL may be perfectly fine in Yahoo and vice versa.

DOUBLE, TRIPLE, & QUADRUPLE CHECK YOUR PROMO - We will NOT be held responsible For errors in a promo that YOU APPROVED.

Delivery dates cannot be given until the promo is finalized.

While we try our best to accommodate all of our clients, we cannot guarantee a delivery time.

You are only allowed to promote one company/ministry in your promo. Your promo is not to be used to promote any other entities or design firms. Please remove all links promoting other entities, design firms or promotional companies. The cost to promote other companies or entities is an additional $200.00.


Black Gospel Promo does everything possible to please its customers. If you have any problems with our service, please call us at 215-883-1000 or 267-257-8136 and we will try our best to accommodate you. Remember there are NO REFUNDS.


Did you remember...
TEXT- Proof Read
GRAPHICS- Correct Format
AUDIO FILE (music or commercial as mp3)- if necessary
LINKS TO WEBSITES- Double check your links
CONTACT INFORMATION- interviews, bookings, publicity, etc.